Advertising is one of the most important factors to step forward of companies where in today’s World which peaks of competition is reached, sales is not to be just price or sold product.Snapper display products which is producing since 1993, obtanined a new dimension to advertising. Outdoors and so it procured increasing sales of meta that advertising element.Not only outdoor, also indoors as markets, shops,work places,cinemas was become to important advertising area and by this way it obtained increasing sale meta that is advertising element.Snapper which is feeling significance of being brand, has made great effort also to little details and it has covered a long distance to goals that goes ecole from brand.

Snapper will continue to more work on advertising rather than enjoying the pleasure of being a brand that could make it a part of the daily life.


It is common brand name of plastic sheets which we produce. Our products by that brand;

  • PVC Foam Sheet
  • Rigit PVC Sheet
  • Polystyrene Levha
  • ABS and ABS+Acrylic Sheet
  • PET Sheet
  • Polypropylene Sheet

Adanus is a registered brand and common name of SDS products that produces to itself.

SDS sells;

Aluminium Composite Sheet

Cast Acrylic Sheet

Stretch Vinyl

One Way Vision

Reflective Foil

with this brand.

Startape is a registered brand and common name of SDS products that produces to itself.

SDS sells;

Frosted Decore Foil

Cutting Foil

Auto Window Film


with this brand.”

Dijitink is a brand of digital print ink. The brand was born by engage old production experience and a structure that loves research and development with passion.

Dijitink which is a partner of M&T advertising started R & D activities to produce digital print dye in 2009. Brand which has solvent, eco solvent and mil solvent dyes, will begin producing of UV drying dyes. While Dijitink is deciding produce Inkjet dyes that is mostly import from abroad in Turkey it trust human resources, intelligent and resolution of our country.

Dijitink which is harmonization of R&D, production and experience will continue work non-stop for reach them aim in the near future.

Zenit Led service about leds and illuminated technology since 2012. Firstly founded in Kayseri in 2012 and moving ıts center to İstanbul in 2015 and continue activity.It showed one’s different about leds product with expert staff import, export, sales and marketing. 

Our company which is aiming to exist in all areas and products where Led is, producing rational and innovator solutions to sectors.

3M organization was established upon more than 35 business area and 6 business unit: Fast Consumer and Office Goods; Advertising, Traffic Security and Optic Products; Electronic and Communication Product; Helth Product; Industrial and Transport Products; Safety, Security and Protecting Service

Outdoor advertising and frames are also important way of increasing sales with create awareness in rapidly increasing competitive market. It should be has outstanding colors besides ease using and removing.

Avery Dennision, is producing every color shades foils, wrapping and the same time graphic films that is suitable for every surface types (Wall, window, floor, furniture, vehicle), pressure sensitive to supply with advertising needs of today’s brands.


There are a lot of sector in wide range that the brand service.

Frame and Board

Fair and Activity

Public Transport Advertising

Car Wrapping


Liyu Company had been founded producer of computer equipment in 1993. Its experience, launched to the market first Chines Plotters of computer equipments with spare parts that produced in home. Liyu is producing 1200 printer every year. Liyu International,founded for presenting Liyu printers in higher-up market. Perfect post-sales technic and Liyu support to distributors for present ıts market. Milano and Milano showroom help advertising and always support for reaching distributors in short time.