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Sds which is a partner of M&T Advertising was founded in, istanbul Turkey so as to carry of sale organization in Turkey of products that are in production lines, and distribution. Sds which is beginning activity field is display sisytem, aimed to supply all the need of companies in their sector from first hand and trustfully.

Every branch of company which service with over than 800 products, 10 branches now and with Tuzla center distribution storage are working and servicing as door to door delivery with high storage and sale distribution network.

Actively working sectors are advertising, construction, illuminated, lift, package, and automotive. While servicing in that sector, ıt is feeling power of 10 branch in Turkey and almost 1000 people who working in group company, led production line, 6 plastic sheet extrudes, units of rotation and injection, proffesional marketing staffs as in its back.

SDS which is mosaic of production logic and trade culture, blended experience that obtained since 1993 and fund of knowledge with expert human capital. It offer an idea as more than understand needs of companies that it provided service and its to be a solution leader, not to be a solution partner at behind of that.

SDS  which is meeting point of different sectors, at the same time quality, honesty and time supplier.

 SDS will work nonstop and continue bring new improvements with look at the horizon.

Other SDS Investments;

2008 SDS Farm Yagız Milk

2013 M.T. Plastic

2014 SDS Mining

2015 Zenit-Led Partnership


M.T Advertising (Main Company)




İzmir Branch


Adana Branch


Antalya Branch


Seyrantepe Branch


Set Groups Partnership Agreement


Ankara Brach Beginning of Action with SDS Name


Güngören Branch (İstanbul) Beginning of Action with SDS


Bursa Branch Beginning of Action with SDS Name


Anadolu Branch (Istanbul)


Bodrum City Branch


Kayseri City Branch

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