Aluminium Composite Sheet

Aluminium composite sheets are produced by new technology and ıt is often preferred element which is used easly in advertising and modern arcitecture.Aluminium composite sheet is a coating materials which is preferred often, occured of non-toxit (eco-friendly) polytene which is both sides are different thickness, available different color coating for  outdoor coating, without transport, storage, application problems and coated with plastic film because of do not demage on modern architectural structures . 

Polyester (PS) Dyed Sheets are preferred on advetising sectors. R. PVDF dyed materials mostly using on structure sectors. Cutting, bending, twisting, tumbling, channeling and similar processes can easily be carried out with aluminum processing machines. Aluminum composite sheets are distictly of traditrional construction and advertising materials;  accelerate installation, add product life, increase workforce efficiency and put quality on the forefront.

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