Industrial Sheets

PET Sheet

Polyethylene terephthalate is thermoplastic material belong polystrene family polyester.

There are using area like foof, beverages, ambalages of foofds and drinks. Amorphous (transparent) and semi-crystal ( Opaque and white) are existing depended to processes of heat.

The most using advantage is completely recycrable.  Polymer chains become old form disticly from other plastics. PET is expressed as row material information code with 1.

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Color Options


Light to glass.
Easy to have shape.
Excellent transparency and surface brightness.
High impact durability.
In applications that are open to impact, low thicknesses such as acrylic sheets are easier to work with.
Excellent chemical resistance.
Easy to use in thermoforming applications.
Audio transmission is low.
Reversible, respectful to nature.

Temperature stability (up to 60º C), cold bending up to 2.5 mm, cutting with guillotine, cutting and cutting without heat, easily weldable with PVC, easy removal of surface scratches by hot air guns , Drilling

Available Formats;
Thickness 0,30mm - 1mm
Standard size 1250x2050mm, 1000x1400mm and 1400x3000mm
Color Transparent, White, Antifeflekte

Custom size can be produced. Minimum order quantity is 1000kg,
Please contact our customer representatives for the information you need for special sizes and colors.