Industrial Sheets

PVC Foam (Forex) Sheets

The sheets are produced in extruded line with mixing homogeneus chemical that called agency into powder PVC raw material. Aim of this process decrease of  PVC quantity on per unit on lower of the materials. So sources using will be more correct.

PVC foam sheets known as dekota or forex in market. Completely Turkish means is PVC Foam Sheet. A light material.Therefore, it offers the convenience of processing, transportation andpacking.More economics than hard PVC because of the specific gravity is reduced.

Its ahead according to alternative goods - foam polystyrene, photoblock etc. It has more smoother surface than these materials.

Thickness Sheet Dimensions Colors Number of Plaque
mm 1220x3050 1560x3050 2050x3050   In Palette
1 x x x


2 x x x 225/175/125
3 x x x 150/125/100
4 x x x 125/100/75
5 x x x 100/75/50
8 x x x 55/45/35
10 x x x 45/35/25
12 x x   35/30
15 x x   30/25
19 x x   25/20

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